trying to figure it all out

trying to figure it all out
July 28

star date – 2017.

…i told someone who loves me that I have recently considered suicide …someone who loves me shared how self centered i was being…  
February 6

RACC interview (on my mind)

RACC interview (on my mind)
march 21st 12:00 RACC interview. Friday – 11 AM
February 6


February 3

Lived Here (944-n-5th-st-reading-pennsylvania-19601)

944 N 5th St, Reading, PA 19601
February 3

Lived Here (944-n-5th-st-reading-pennsylvania-19601)

406 Walnut St Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
December 31

12-13-16 (on my mind)

We believe that our pricing is fair in that we do it per user and we even afford organizations fridge hands for internships and volunteers we don’t determine who we work for her for free by their profit or nonprofit status we do it based on what they are trying..Read More
December 18

Song That the Angels Can’t Sing (on my mind)

Song That the Angels Can’t Sing [A, 110 bpm] [Original Recording (Casting Crowns)] VERSE
………F#m………….A………..E I.have.a.song.that.the.angels.can’t.sing …..
December 17

so if you were able to capture moments in time (on my mind)

so if you were able to capture moments in time captured in video join all these videos on a timeline hay! come here and we will show you exactly what was happening around the world at the exact moment of your moment somewhereintime.com… I doubt myself daily… What do we..Read More
December 11

I have prayed about this (on my mind)

I have prayed about this and this is what comes to my heart. Mom, you have never had a conversation about any of this without excusing yourself by diverting the conversation to what you lived through or treating me like I am sick. I am still left feeling as though..Read More
December 11

What does it take to be CEO (on my mind)

What does it take to be CEO There is so much more to success than credited by modern philosophies. Success is a state in which an individual is aligned to what they believe in, an unconditional love for humans, and an ability to perceive in a way that preserves each..Read More
November 1

The primary objective of RACC Real Lif (on my mind)

The primary objective of RACC Real Life is to inspire people to the the best they can be. Through sharing my story and how I succeeded I am confident that some will find a way through the toughest times and rise to the challenge of achieving success. To prove that..Read More
October 16

Believe I think (on my mind)

Believe I think searching trying to find that one denominator that distinguishes one believe to another. Funny thing is the more I look into gal Muslim holidays different religions police perspectives. I come to one simple thing that is missing and all of them Jesus Jesus. A man documented by..Read More
September 10

15 years later, they failed at all they sought

15 years later, they failed at all they sought. We show no fear and have not limited our freedom in any way. We adapted to their ways as we have with animals, bugs, and criminals.
September 1

Worry does not empty tomorrow (on my mind)

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. – Corrie Ten Boom
August 25

Collisions (on my mind)

Collisions Get out of your head Put thoughts in to things you can control and not control Write down disturbing thoughts and the tree
July 30

mom (7-30-2016)

You have done nothing but pity yourself mom. You have never owned what you drug your children through. You are acting like a coward. I am trying to wait a few days to respond to this with my heart. I am praying about this.. But immediately I am very disappointed..Read More
July 30

Throwing me off a boat (uncle jay, on my mind)

Throwing me off a boat in blu marsh and driving…
July 29


July 28

Are you a CEO? (on my mind)

Are you a CEO? Hire people to act as lessens that reach into the organization in such a way that you have a hand on even the part time dishwasher in the cafeteria. Do you have a clear vision and the right people, with aligned perspective and passion? Do people..Read More
July 18

hew. unbelievable. (on my mind)

hew. unbelievable. today the world lost a great man, my friend and neighbor, George My family will need to get through asking why and everything else. Then we will find solitude in knowing who you were Like his father, we shared many curbside life lessons, talks by the fire, and..Read More