The dividing line [between friends and acquaintances] is communication, I think. A friend is someone to whom you can say any jackass thing that enters your mind. With acquaintances, you are forever aware of their slightly unreal image of you, and to keep them content, you edit yourself to fit. Many marriages are between acquaintances. You can be with a person for three hours of your life and have a friend. Another will remain an acquaintance for thirty years. – John D. MacDonald- Michelle Blessing

Eran J Holt

Pastor that I accompanied during trips to the Dominican Republic.


Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain

All you are unable to give, possesses you. Andre Gide Everyone is in the best seat…John Cage I don’t want a career…I want to CAREEN!..Grafitti in the Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle, 1968 Reality is obsolete….Roger(Eric) Dahl “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be, and more of a woman than you’ll ever get.” Lindy, […]


Ryan Pauly

Apologetic I met during one of my visits to the Dominican Republic.