we had just paid $40 for two cups…n (on my mind)

we had just paid $40 for two cups of fries and two drinks and a young girl came up and grabbed one of our buckets. She then proceeded to take the cup to the filling counter. We alerted the staff and they quickly came front to handle the issue. As we pointed the girl out to them she turned and we immediately recognized that she had Down Syndrome while at the same time we noticed her mother reaching levels of discomfort I quickly. We pulled the man aside and told him there was a mistake and we will pay for the fries. A quick look to her mother and she was in on the plan. As we approached the cashier to pay for the girls fries she thanked us. As we were leaving the man who came out earlier stopped us and gave us a free cup as he thanked us for handling things as we did. We asked him if we could use it to pay it forward, and three of the cashiers replied with a quick yes. As we walked away we handed it to a young girl that had no smile. When we crossed paths latter she was genuinely smiling.

This made my heart smile (-:

…every moment really has opportunity to be a better person (-: