Quick note for you all. (on my mind)

Quick note for you all.

I understand this class has demanded a great deal of your time and attention. For what it is worth. I am very proud of how each of you have risen to the challenges. I want to remind you that the light is at the end of the tunnel and rapidly growing brighter. We only have a few weeks left. This is the point in a race where the runner reaches deep and finishes the race with more energy than they have collectively used up to that point. Respectfully, I am asking each of you to reach deep, stay focused, and finish this semester with the best grades possible. It is what makes summer classes worth the sacrifices. At least it was for me when I made the same sacrifices. I have come to know each of you well enough to believe each of you have what it takes to succeed and I want to encourage you to believe in yourselves and what you are doing. It will be worth it.
Your degree is your permission slip to a better life. If you are behind catch up. If you are on course remain steady. If you are a head do not pause. We are almost done.

It has been a pleasure to share my summer with each of you.

See you Monday!