Believe I think (on my mind)

Believe I think searching trying to find that one denominator that distinguishes one believe to another. Funny thing is the more I look into gal Muslim holidays different religions police perspectives. I come to one simple thing that is missing and all of them Jesus Jesus. A man documented by..Read More

mom (7-30-2016)

You have done nothing but pity yourself mom. You have never owned what you drug your children through. You are acting like a coward. I am trying to wait a few days to respond to this with my heart. I am praying about this.. But immediately I am very disappointed..Read More

Are you a CEO? (on my mind)

Are you a CEO? Hire people to act as lessens that reach into the organization in such a way that you have a hand on even the part time dishwasher in the cafeteria. Do you have a clear vision and the right people, with aligned perspective and passion? Do people..Read More

hew. unbelievable. (on my mind)

hew. unbelievable. today the world lost a great man, my friend and neighbor, George My family will need to get through asking why and everything else. Then we will find solitude in knowing who you were Like his father, we shared many curbside life lessons, talks by the fire, and..Read More