12-13-16 (on my mind)

We believe that our pricing is fair in that we do it per user and we even afford organizations fridge hands for internships and volunteers we don’t determine who we work for her for free by their profit or nonprofit status we do it based on what they are trying..Read More

I have prayed about this (on my mind)

I have prayed about this and this is what comes to my heart. Mom, you have never had a conversation about any of this without excusing yourself by diverting the conversation to what you lived through or treating me like I am sick. I am still left feeling as though..Read More

What does it take to be CEO (on my mind)

What does it take to be CEO There is so much more to success than credited by modern philosophies. Success is a state in which an individual is aligned to what they believe in, an unconditional love for humans, and an ability to perceive in a way that preserves each..Read More